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Service Coordination Professionals in Monroe County, NY

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Help your loved one maintain their independence and avoid premature placement in a nursing home. Our team here at ACS, LLC will act as a service coordinator for your family members to get the best care, even when coordinating with multiple healthcare providers. Hiring a middle man to coordinate care will simplify the process and make it more cost effective for your family. Protect the level of care and comfort of those you love most by trusting in our commitment to going above and beyond.

A Chara Solutions is a top home healthcare firm in Western New York that operates on the fundamental facility that every individual deserves to stay independent and make their very own selections. We support for the needs as well as objectives of our customers, since everybody is worthy of to pick their own path with each phase of life.

The NHTD Medicaid waiver was developed based on the philosophy that individuals with disabilities and/or seniors have the same rights as others. This includes the right to be in control of their lives, encounter and manage risks and learn from their experiences. This is balanced with the waiver program’s responsibility to assure the waiver participants’ health and welfare.

Waiver services are provided based on the participant’s unique strengths, needs, choices and goals. The individual is the primary decision-maker and works in cooperation with providers to develop a Service Plan. This process leads to personal empowerment, increased independence, greater community inclusion, self-reliance and meaningful productive activities. Waiver participant satisfaction is a significant measure of success of the NHTD waiver.

Put Your Loved One’s Needs First

Hire a service coordinator to advocate for the care your loved one needs and deserves. We help our clients understand treatments, coordinate initial and follow-up care, and provide local resources. Maintaining a senior’s quality of life and accurately assessing the health care services and resources needed are our priorities. Have peace of mind a service coordinator will effectively address needs as they change over time.

  • Make sure your loved one has home care that’s ideal for their financial resources and level of care. A service coordinator to keep your loved one at home is often more cost-effective than hospital care.
  • Ease stress that comes with handling the health care needs of your family member with us as your service coordinator. We gladly handle the paperwork, coordinate with your insurance provider, and find the right facilities and services.
  • Improve the safety and care of your loved one when multiple providers are involved. A service coordinator is involved with managing medications and will reduce duplicate tests and treatments.
  • Increase independence and allow your family to stay in the comfort of their own home. Proper service coordination will avoid premature nursing home placement due to improper care.

For more information on our in-home services or caregiver training, call us today at 585-785-3000 for your free initial consultation. 

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The CDPAP Process (4 Easy Steps)

Eligibility Assessment

Your eligibility assessment consists of 3 parts– you will certainly first be reviewed by a Maximus (Medicaid) agent. Next off, a representative from your insurance strategy will determine the care for which you qualify. Ultimately, a Venture Forthe rep will see to conduct a medical evaluation.


If you get approved for CDPAP solutions, Achara is readily available to help you with Medicaid registration and also serve as your fiscal intermediary, helping with payment as well as handling repayment of your caretaker.

Choose Your Caregiver

Pick any relied on friend or loved one (any person other than a partner) to function as your caregiver. Caregivers do not require any kind of special training or qualification, simply a desire to provide the caring care you need.

Enjoy Life At Home

With CDPAP, you serve as the supervisor of your very own care. Your selected caretaker will earn money, via Medicaid, to provide the residence care you need, the means you need it. You obtain care from someone you count on, they make money for their time.

We take care of the logistics of service coordination so you can focus on spending time with your loved one. Call today at 585-785-3000 to speak with a staff member!

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